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Our History

I started this company as a finish carpenter. After working on many older wooden windows, I discovered that the methods and materials used in their making are generally far superior to what is offered in today’s replacements.

I was brought up not to be wasteful and have often found value in the accomplishment of making something fine work properly again. Older windows have proven to be just the challenge I was seeking. Fortunately for us, the Bluegrass area of Kentucky needed someone to do this kind of work. I suppose some of my enthusiasm for the subject has rubbed off on the close group of us that forms this company.

We have done our research and have had years of practice.  Now, we have become a specialty shop aimed at restoring wooden windows to the highest form of art. Our goal is to prepare these elements of original design to go on in their life more easily. When taken care of, they can gain their normal life expectancy of hundreds of years. I am pleased to offer our services for wooden windows in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.

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Laryn Karsnitz

Meet Our Team

Laryn Karsnitz

Owner & General Manager

Laryn grew up near Hershey Pennsylvania, and is still an avid Penn State fan. His favorite part of the job is visiting pre-1960s buildings. He finds the development of the American version of wooden windows to be intriguing. Carpenters, long in their rest, perfected much of what we see still surviving today, and he finds it satisfying to help preserve and protect their work. His grandfather, a carpenter and butcher after serving in Europe during WWII, was a tremendous influence on Laryn and sparked his passion for woodwork.

Justin Karsnitz

Estimating Manager

Justin is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Economics and spent over a decade in the life insurance business. In 2020 he joined his father at Heritage to help with clients, marketing, and business systems. Justin enjoys visiting old homes and looking for new ways to let people know what we do. In his spare time he enjoys ice hockey and indoor rock climbing, and his favorite author is C.S. Lewis.


Frank Lacruz

Head of Field Operations

As head of field operations, Frank works daily to ensure your window project is completed correctly with the high-quality standards we are known for. Frank has been a part of the team since 2017 and knows how to ensure our customers get the excellent finished product they are looking for when they come to Heritage. Frank is originally from Venezuela and is bilingual, acting as our in-house interpreter when the need arises.


Cale Canter

Project Estimator

Cale graduated from the University of Kentucky Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & History. Cale enjoys antique restoration, foraging, fishing, gardening, and playing stringed instruments in his free time.


David Moeller

Lead Restoration Carpenter

David has worked with Heritage longer than any other employee at over a decade. Starting with zero experience in wood working he has diligently honed his craftsmanship over the years to become the lead carpenter in our shop. If your windows need to be completely taken apart and put back together, David is the one we rely on to do the job right.


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