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Window Replacement vs. Reconditioning: How To Avoid Painful Buyers Remorse

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Here's our Window Restoration and Storm Windows FAQ to help you get started.

The question of Replacement vs. Reconditioning is understandably one of the primary reasons people call us.

If your windows were built before 1960, Reconditioning is the answer. We have never run into a window of this age that we couldn’t fix, because they were designed that way.  When taken care of, these windows will last hundreds of years and hold the style 

If they were built between 1960 and 1990, it primarily depends on their materials and the style they were built.  These years produced a variety of new window styles which in short,  were not designed with maintenance in mind.

If your windows were built since 1990, it is not likely they can be repaired.  Modern homes are usually paired with modern windows built similarly with the goal of reducing maintenance at the cost of a lasting lifespan.

If you have an older home with failing modern windows and nonetheless would like to get yourself out of the replacement cycle, ask us about historic window reproduction.

We can usually tell how old a window is after asking a few questions.  If you aren’t sure what to do, the first step is to call us!

If you have windows that were made before 1990 and have come to suspect they may be completely rotted, it would be wise to get our opinion before you replace them. It can be hard to tell if a window is built so it can be repaired unless you have years of experience in doing so.

The words “completely rotted” are used as a claim often made by modern window salespeople, and we regularly find it is not so. When we inspect these windows, it often turns out they are just dirty, or need a new coat of paint, or both.

When we do find a vintage style window with rot damage, it can always be fixed.

Window rot can be a frustrating problem for a homeowner to manage. Without a properly sealing storm window, the “dew-point” remains on the window sash, which often enables fungi to grow.

Another common culprit is improper flashing above the opening allowing excessive water to drip in the wrong place. Regardless of the cause, rotted material can be removed, repaired, and painted. This will fix the immediate problem, but unprotected windows will need regularly monitored for further deterioration.

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Solving the problem of leaky historic windows will make your property more comfortable through the seasons. Drafts in the winter can chill a heated room quickly, and your summer electricity bill can send you into shock when you try to cool a leaky room.

Some people choose to weatherize their windows, some choose storm windows, and some choose both. The best solution depends on how you intend to use your windows.

Give us a call and we can help you find a good solution.

It depends on the weather, type of work, and project size. A lot of the time involved relates to the schedule in the season we begin. Bad weather can delay some types of fieldwork and some seasons are just busier than others.

Once started, timelines depend on the number of windows involved and complexity of work in the project. Complete window restoration projects and storm window projects can each take several months to get the process completed.

You can find out our current lead times by calling us at: 859-381-8401

Our most common service areas include the regions around Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati. Some of our work can be done at further distance so give us a call and we can discuss what is possible.

If you aren’t sure what your windows need, give us a call and we can help. Usually by listening to what you want to accomplish and asking a few questions, our estimators will know if your windows are a style
that we can work with.

What they need ultimately depends on their current condition and your preferences. Give us a call and we can help you think through the project.

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An estimator will listen to what you want to accomplish and schedule a visit to assess the current condition of your windows to determine what services we would recommend.

The visit is usually less than an hour but may take longer depending on how many windows are involved. If you are outside our normal service areas, there is a charge for this visit.

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If you have good storm windows, they do a great job on their own as the primary barrier. If you don’t have storms, we can install plywood or plexiglass onto your openings while the sash are being serviced.

We are insured for the value of your windows, for General liability coverage, and all of our employees are covered by worker's compensation insurance.

The beauty of your home's original design, featuring original window sash, often with historic glass, will remain intact when protected by an appropriately chosen storm window. Storms often bring the appearance of clean lines to an otherwise irregular opening.

Energy efficiency is dramatically improved when a quality storm window is properly installed over original single-pane window sash. Traditional solid-wood windows have a longer life cycle than any offered by the modern replacement window industry. They will last for hundreds of years when taken care of, while modern manufacturers admit that the life expectancy of most replacement windows is between 15 to 20 years.

The paint maintenance cycle is dramatically changed, allowing sash to keep their original beauty for decades with less work.

Street and airport noise is dramatically reduced with even the most basic storm window and can be further reduced by upgrading to laminated glass.

A storm window is designed to keep daily condensation(which causes most deterioration) off the wooden sash by shifting the "dew-point". If shop repairs are needed, an opening with a storm does not need to be boarded up with plywood while the sash is in our shop. 

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Many people hear the words “storm window” and imagine dingy, corroded gray metal frames with ill-fitting glass and screen panels. Most of those old models just didn’t look nice.

The storm windows that we recommend are not only designed to perform better but some styles are designed to hide better into window openings to where they almost disappear. They come in a variety of colors and can even be painted to match your home if desired.