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Although historical windows have a proven track record for durability, window maintenance is needed at regular intervals to keep them looking and working great. While they were made for the homeowner to service, we are often asked to help.

You may only need us for the hardest parts of this work, but some windows are more stubborn than others.  Sometimes the surrounding architecture requires technical knowledge and a practiced hand to work around.

Since some newbie mistakes are expensive, we suggest calling us before you begin. Here are some of the common issues where we can help.

Heritage Window Solutions
Heritage Window Restoration Sash Repair

Interlocking Metal Weather Strip and Solutions for Leaky Windows

While interlocking metal was retrofitted into many windows in the 1890s, the US Department of Energy knows of no other material that makes a seal as durable and yet frees the units to operate without binding. Our source of this material is still Accurate Metal, which has worked since 1890. The new owners provide the material in brass and zinc.

sash realignment window maintenance
Realignment can allow locks to close properly

Window Realignment

Several things can cause historic window sash to become misaligned and prevent proper operation. It may be as easy as cutting loose sash that has been painted shut, or it may be as difficult as dealing with a shifting in the foundation of the house, requiring a modification of the opening.

Often this misalignment is first noticed when windows no longer close and lock properly.

Restring Teamwork

Re-string Sash Cord and Restoration of Other Balance Systems

Smooth and balanced operation can be achieved in most any historical window. The amount of work involved depends on current conditions, the configuration of the window, and what sealing elements are already in place.

It may be as simple as restringing the sash cord, it may be further improved with interlocking weatherstrip, and it may be even further improved with full restoration and the removal of previous layers of paint on the sash and jambs.

One way or another, we can get your windows to open and close again.

Heritage Window Restoration Glass Repair

Broken or Loose Glass Repairs for Vintage, Pattern, Leaded, and Stained Glass

One of the best things about historical windows is that every part can be fixed if it breaks. Broken or loose glass and glazing can be replaced just like every other part of a window. With the variety of glass types in historic homes, we do our best to keep a supply of salvage material at hand.

If your window glass is falling out, don’t let the replacement people convince you it can’t be fixed. It can!

Heritage Window Restoration Services

Hardware: Repair, Restore, or Replace

Broken or missing hardware is a common problem for historical windows.  Sometimes we can find salvage that is similar to previous historic styles, but it all depends on what you have.

Sometimes the hardware just needs stripped and cleaned so that it works properly but getting new hardware is sometimes needed.

We can use an aging solution to make new hardware look similar, resembling a more vintage appearance.

Interior Storm

Interior Storm Windows

Interior Storm Windows can be a solution in a number of situations. Since they are installed on the inside of each window opening, there are pros and cons that should be considered.

On the plus side, being able to clean your storms entirely from the inside can be an advantage for upper-floor windows that are to be left painted shut. On feature windows, they can be desirable because they are hidden from view. Interior storms also present one of the only solutions for energy efficiency on windows that swing outward.

The main tradeoff with interior storms is that they offer no protection to the exterior surfaces of the windows from the weather.  This means that the owner will need to be diligent in completing paint and glazing maintenance, probably more often than windows with no storms.

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